Digital Media Experimenter for Social Change

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Opportunity Description


Position: Digital Media Experimenter for Social Change (Full Time, Remote)

Organization: ProgressPop

Reports to: David Ellmann, Founder and Director 

Direct Reports: N/A

Location: Full-time, 100% remote position (from home or co-working space) with occasional travel once every 2-3 months

About ProgressPop

ProgressPop is a new digital media nonprofit dedicated to building people power for progressive change. We launched in 2019 and learned that we can create fun, engaging content across a variety of content verticals ranging from animals, to astrology, to pop culture, to celebrities that people love. That was exciting, but our key learning was that we could successfully inspire subscribers who we attracted with apolitical content to take highly impactful civic actions that advance progressive policies. So imagine if Buzzfeed, or The Dodo, or PopSugar had an explicit progressive social justice mission built into their DNA. That’s what we’re building. 

We ran our 2019 tests and developed a highly scalable growth engine with some seed funding, and because of our success in 2019, we’ve raised a large follow up investment. That investment will allow us to scale our growth engine so we can grow to 2 million subscribers across Messenger, Instagram and Podcasts by the end of 2020.  

Building people power is why we exist, but to give our subscribers the power to strike fear into politicians, we need to be built to last for decades. For that reason, everything we’re building in 2020 has to drive impact, but also has to set us on a path to financial self sustainability. We don’t want to be reliant on large foundations to pay our bills, or be beholden to other outside interests who could try to mold our mission to fit their goals. We want to test multiple revenue streams so we can be sustainable, and so we can put the needs and wants of our subscribers at the forefront. 

ProgressPop was born out of the Accelerate Change incubator, which has helped launch other rapidly scaling digital media properties like PushBlack, ParentsTogether, Pulso, and Revolution English. To create a rapidly scalable, highly impactful, financially self-sustaining media organization, we are driven by the Functional Organizing model and by Lean Startup methodologies. Here’s some more information on those strategies:

  • Functional Organizing: Our model is based on the idea that membership organizations can experience explosive, financially sustainable growth when they provide a robust set of benefits and services that provide outstanding value to the people they seek to organize. Learn more about our model for scalable citizen organizing in the article, “The Secret of Scale” from the Stanford Social Innovation Review. 
  • Lean Startup methodologies: Our approach is centered on identifying challenges and unmet needs in people’s lives. We use Lean Startup methodologies to rigorously test ideas for services and benefits that could help address those pain points and provide real value in people’s everyday lives. Read more about our approach to experimentation in the article, “The Promise of Lean Experimentation” also from the Stanford Social Innovation Review. 

About the Position

We run lean digital media experiments that fuel progressive social change, and we’re looking for someone to join the team who can help us run those experiments: build, test, measure, learn, and repeat, from one area of digital media experimentation to another. 

We’re fighting for hugely impactful outcomes (like, you know, building authentic people power), but to reach those goals we need a Digital Media Experimenter who can dive into all of the details. Here’s what we’d ask you to do on a day to day basis:

  • Build and test Facebook Messenger bots in Chatfuel that send subscribers everything from petitions to pop culture articles to cat videos to voter registration asks
  • Efficiently and accurately pull data from our experiments, analyze it, and propose next steps. You’d need to be on the lookout for areas where the data tells us we’re on to something big, where we screwed something up, or where we should adjust our strategy and retest. 
  • Build, test, and manage, hundreds of Facebook ads, looking for top performers, ads that have issues that need to be fixed (Facebook Ads glitches have made us all develop trust issues), and underperforming ads that should be turned off 
  • Manage the builds for a growth engine: You’ll oversee staff members who are doing builds primarily in Chatfuel and Facebook Ads
  • Work with the content team to create exciting, captivating content: You won’t be the one writing content, but you’ll dive into the data and work closely with the Content team to help them understand what stories are resonating, so we can hone our voice and editorial strategy
  • Interrogate experiment designs across platforms: No one can design Lean experiments alone. It’s gotta be a team effort, so you are or will become a master of designing the Leanest, most efficient and effective experiments possible. That way you can help the team interrogate experiments on Instagram and Podcasts, experiments with celebrities and influencers, and experiments that focus on generating revenue and impact. 
  • Be obsessive about testing your builds and team members’ builds when they ask for help on quality assurance checks (QA’ing), but also have an eye to which parts of a build need to be perfect and which parts can be a little rough around the edges.  
  • Be ready to dive into new platforms and tools: The experiments you’ll run will start out using mostly Chatfuel, Facebook Ads, Google Sheets, Facebook Analytics, Stripe, Podcasting platforms, and Instagram, but could expand to include platforms like WordPress, SMS, Google Adsense, WhatsApp, SnapChat, TikTok, and more.

We’ll also look for the Digital Media Experimenter to:

  • Take an entrepreneurial approach to your work and learning new skills. Rarely will you get explicit step by step instructions on how to do your work. In our fast-paced, unstructured environment, we love it when you see a problem and try to figure it out. 
  • Seek out opportunities to deepen your skills on current/emerging platforms and with lean startup methodology. We take an individualized approach to growth where staff advocate for development opportunities that align with their interests and the team’s priorities.
  • Embrace change. We exist in a rapidly changing digital media landscape, so we’re used to having the rug pulled out from us by platforms that change their rules. When things change, other organizations freak out. We design new tests and adapt. 
  • Be led by constituents. We know that listening to subscribers through constituent discovery sessions is more important than coming up with ideas in a silo, so we’re dedicated to being led by our constituents. 
  • TBD: Take on additional responsibilities and pitch in to help meet the evolving needs of our growing team. Given our lean experimentation approach and our work with partners at various stages of growth, flexibility and comfort with change are key components of our work.

What We’re Looking For

  • Commitment to social justice. ProgressPop is a mission-driven organization focused on progressive social change and social justice, with a focus on building a multiracial movement driven by people who are too often ignored by those in power. You have a demonstrated commitment to social justice work and you’d like to be part of a team of people who do, too.
  • 3+ years of experience building and testing digital media content. You have at least 3 years of experience building complex digital content on Chatfuel, other chatbot platforms, WordPress, Facebook ads, Instagram, Podcasts, or similar platforms. 
  • Strong spreadsheet and data analysis skills. You’re experienced in spreadsheets and comfortable using complex formulas to analyze large data sets. You’re well-versed in presenting data in an actionable way that’s conducive to quickly identifying when to iterate and how. Note that the data analysis we do is extensive, but it can all be done in Google Sheets. 
  • Obsessed with error-free work. You can’t stand making errors in your work, especially your builds. With complex builds, you’ll QA your work twice if that’s what it takes to make sure builds are error-free
  • Thrives in a startup environment. You love the entrepreneurial, fast paced structure of a startup, and embrace with the combination of promise and uncertainty that comes with joining a startup at the beginning.
  • Not a jerk. If you’re a jerk, please don’t apply.


  • $50,000-$60,000 salary range, depending on experience
  • Flexibility for work and life: Unlike a lot of places, we actually believe that people should only work 40 hours each week, except for occasional sprints that require more time in a week. We also trust everyone to make a schedule that works for them, as long as you’re able to join on all the necessary meetings. Want to work more one day and less the next? Fine by us. Work better in the middle of the night than during the afternoon? Go for it. Need to shift your hours to be able to homeschool your kid? All good. 
  • Health care after 3 months, with individual premiums fully covered and cost-share for dependents
  • Need-based educational loan assistance after 3 months
  • 10 paid vacation days, 6 paid holidays, and 3 paid floating holidays each year
  • 5 fully paid sick days and 10 half-paid sick days each year
  • 401(k) plan after one year, with 100% employer match on the first 3% and 50% employer match on the next 2%


To apply, please upload your resume and tell us more about your experience using this application form: 


ProgressPop is incubated by Accelerate Action; Accelerate Action is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that people of color, people from working class backgrounds, women, and LGBTQIA+ people must be centered in the work we do. Hence, we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are members of other marginalized communities.