Our Partners


PushBlack, the nation’s largest nonprofit media platform for Black people, reaches over 6 million Black Americans each month with Black news and culture stories. Learn more.


Pulso, a national nonprofit media organization focused on Latinx communities, reaches over 2 million Latinx Americans each month with culturally relevant news and information. Learn more.


Revolution English, a nonprofit news and education program for immigrants, provides bi-lingual news and information that empowers immigrants to navigate life in America. Learn more.


As a national, parent-led nonprofit news organization, ParentsTogether helps over 2 million subscribers stay up to date on the issues affecting their families. Learn more.

La Alianza, a digital news service for immigrants and domestic workers created by the National Domestic Workers Alliance, provides Spanish-language stories to hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Learn more.

Alongside our partners, our entrepreneurs help advance AC by leading our ventures. Meet our entrepreneurs.