Revolution English

Revolution English is an immigrant organizing venture that has developed a financially self-sustainable model for providing free online English lessons to over 1 million students. Revolution English also provides immigrants using its platform with resources to get better jobs, immigration help, and advocacy opportunities.

In the last two years, Revolution English has grown to become the largest mobile English program designed for immigrants. We have developed a highly effective immersion coaching program and demonstrated our ability to scale outreach to immigrant learners (currently over 1M students, more than half are Spanish speakers). Revolution English on Facebook Messenger isn’t just another English app, lessons are centered on the needs and realities of immigrants. Workforce content features vocabulary in industries where immigrants are highly represented; and lessons provide resources that are relevant for immigrants, e.g. family separation, DACA, and immigrant & workers rights. Ultimately, it is our goal to connect our learners with partners and opportunities to advocate, mobilize and organize for social change.