Better solutions. Less Waste.

Developing new ways to solve big problems can be slow and cumbersome, particularly in the social sector. Drawing upon lessons from the business world, we use Lean for Social Impact strategies to develop more effective solutions and increase efficiency.



The largest membership organizations in the world have grown to scale using the same core organizing model: functional organizing. Rather than focus on asking their members for donations and volunteer time, functional organizations attract members by offering them benefits and services that provide real value in their lives, and then build on this base to advocate for their members.


Practical Help for Nonprofits

If you’re looking to grow your nonprofit, we recommend jumping into lean experimentation quickly. Thankfully, experts have built a variety of resources and tools to get you started. You don’t need to hire consultants who are experts in lean. (We are consultants, so trust us: You don’t need consultants.) For social change practitioners that would like to begin lean experiments, we recommend these tools.

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Our team is made up of people who have run startup incubators, non-profit organizations, media companies, and social enterprises. Each year, we work with a limited number of foundations and social change groups to develop member benefits that are widely appealing and generate revenue.

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