The Challenge

Polarization and misinformation have fueled distrust in government, disgust with politics, and disillusionment about our democratic processes; pernicious racial civic engagement gaps lead to policymakers who neither reflect all communities nor respond to all communities in making policies. These policy disparities disproportionately impact marginalized communities, but all communities suffer when we do not address issues such as inequality, criminal justice reform, educational opportunity, and climate justice.

To transform our democracy to be responsive and representative of all communities, we need to close racial and youth voting gaps, enact democracy reforms, and dramatically increase year-round civic engagement, particularly in underrepresented communities.

The Research

A slew of studies have shown that the most impactful civic engagement is “relational:” reaching out to friends and family to encourage them to vote, register, or get involved is an issue.

No one has been able to scale
relational civic engagement

Until Now…

Our Solution

A Civic Renewal. A Civic Revolution!

The Civic Revolution coalition, led by PushBlack, Pulso, ParentsTogether, Noticias Para Inmigrantes, and Accelerate Change, has worked together for five years to leverage digital media to drive breakthroughs in civic engagement with diverse audiences.

In 2020, our coalition drove the largest relational (friends & family) voter engagement campaign in history.


Subscribers Activated
(over ¾ BIPOC)


personalized voting messages with friends and family.

Nearly 1

Views of proven voter education messages from celebrities and influencers

Our goal

The Civic Revolution coalition’s goal is to grow our coalition to a force of 100 million diverse citizens (over 2/3 BIPOC) who consistently share news, policy, and voting information with friends and family, dramatically increasing civic engagement, voting, and pressure for democracy reforms. Our five-year goal is to cut the racial voting gap by 55% and the youth voting gap by 25%.

the vision

Imagine how our democracy might operate with the changes that the Civic Revolution coalition is working toward.

The Civic Revolution
Coalition Leadership

Organized by Accelerate Change


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